The Passion Behind My Innovation

The Back Story

What would you do if you were a parent and was told that your child was promoted to the first grade without having the pre-literacy skills needed to begin at that level? Then her teacher informs you that she is an at-risk student based on her standardized assessment? For me, I was clueless. After that experience, I decided to become aware of the areas my daughter needed help in, and to work closely with her teacher in closing that gap and this was an important component of her becoming above her grade level by the end of the year. Teaching preschool and kindergarten is the area I am passionate about. I work in a low income area where the students are considered at risk. From my experience with my experience as a parent, I have been able to help students be prepared for the latter years of their education. Recent studies have shown that early childhood education has a vital part in the success of students throughout their education.  When students get the fundamental literary skills they will be successful in their education. The 21st century students need to be prepared with science, technology, engineering and math, and it is a benefit for students to be acquainted with the use of technology  in the curriculum early.  Interactive media that use to increase students engagement can help them acquire a foundation in literacy and will empower them to become lifelong learners.

To read is the power to learn.
To learn is the power to succeed.
To succeed is to fulfill one’s passion.
– Althea Green 2016 –

The production of the video was a test of my commitment to be an agent of change in my personal education.  My experience with  technology to produce video is somewhat limited, so the how was an opportunity to learn. I personally use a windows computer at work and home regularly. I own an iPad that I use like a computer for traveling, so the camera features I had a little knowledge on how to use. Producing this video clip with I-Movie has enlightening I had to purchase a mic twice because I did not know the adapter plug  had to be a specific type, I thought all mics were the same. The I-Movie app allowed me to splice footage, fade in black, fade out black and add music. The hardest part of the process was constant retakes of footage because of the fear I have of being recorded and the splicing off of unusable video. Finding good lighting and a quiet place to record was a challenge.  I went to the library, outside, and in a classroom, so I had a lot of clips to review and I had to record myself. I learned a lot and I will be practicing the use of the iPad with a better understanding. The other thing that I learned was how to convert video done using the iPad to a format compatible with windows . In order to edit video in windows I had to convert it to an .AVI file. Overall this was a beneficial experience I will never forget.

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