Influencing Vital Strategies in Literacy for Preschoolers

After reading the Influencer, I learned that one of the most important skills to have is being able to motivate others to effect change. This can’t happen through technology, data, or philosophy, but it will occur by enabling others to change their actions. By using the “Six Sources of Influence Model,” I have created a strategy to ensure the successful implementation of the plan.  There are three areas of concern when considering the enabling of change: professional development, instructional tools, and school administrations that support implementation.  My belief is that literacy is directly related to academic achievement; because of this, we believe in giving children who are in preschool early literacy skills that will promote their future success in education.  The influencers that are within my organization are the board of trustees, parents of students and teaching staff. Some of the behaviors of these that I will obviously have to consider are getting the administration to observe a pilot demonstration of the proposed plan to help them understand my goal and purpose for the plan from an educational perspective and eliminating the concern of cost of implementation. I also understand the parents will be additionally important in supporting the success of the plan. Getting their suggestions and feedback on their child’s improvement and also securing their interest in paying for the new service. The last influencer will be the staff that will need to be introduced to new skills they do not possess. The challenge will be to convince them to embrace the new goals. This strategy will help me achieve the following results: the new plan will improve the services we currently offer to our customers, the  teacher’s will effectively use the new learning tools in the classroom with minimal supervision, and we will provide students with the opportunity to develop learning skills that will contribute to future educational success.

Proposed Influencer Model


Patterson, K. and Grenny, J. (2013). Influencer: The new science of leading change. 2nd Edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.

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