An Overview of My Innovation Plan

My innovation plan is progressing slowly and is in the first stage. During this stage, the learners are learning the pre-literacy skills necessary before they can begin reading. This stage takes the most time because it requires the learners to be assessed to determine their mastery of the concepts required prior to reading. Qualitative assessments are being done by keeping observational notes on each student are kept by the teacher within the learning environment. The students are observed individually and in groups. Learning is cyclical and provide opportunities for learning in the student’s daily learning environment. Learning is interactive with the use of digital and physical resources to engage the students in this process.

I set goals for students in designing the learning environment and found that on paper it looked relatively simple, but this stage is not governed by simplicity, but tenacity and at times can seem monotonous, because every students does not learn at the same pace or way. I have had to allow more time to reach the level of mastery necessary for the next stage of implementation. I recognized going into this that adjustments would occur to establish the flow of the learning of each student. Having a variety of resources to use that are beneficial to independent and direct learning is a must. The integration of technology into the curriculum created another tool students enjoy. I arrange activities using it to motivate learning. I am currently teaching students how to respect the device as an instructional tool. Some have tablets at home but use it for entertainment. When I first used the devices the initial response was can I watch a video or play a game. During my planning I did not develop digital citizenship fully and after taking the course on digital citizenship I realize how important it is, because I have to continuously remind students about the rules for device use.

Promotion of my innovation project has been with parents at this stage. Since this is beta project I have decided that parental feedback will be my supporting evidence to the administrators to convenience them of the benefits of my instructional design. I recognize the administrators are important, but my goal is to present some of the personal results we have had with students that have participated in this project to our organization to obtain full support.

Overall the creation of my innovation plan has given me three things I should do when doing another one. First, learn the basics of what I am planning to do. Next, recognize that knowledge increases when you use it for the purpose it was gotten for. The last thing, is that knowledge is not only gotten from success but failure also, because you learn what does not work so do not be afraid to take risk.

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