My Reflection of How I Learn – My Learning Philosophy

After pondering how to describe my learning philosophy, I realized an integral part of me being a student has been to never tell myself that I cannot learn anything.  Reflecting on my journey to empower myself with knowledge, I realized that as an active learner, the first thing I do before doing anything is to… Continue reading My Reflection of How I Learn – My Learning Philosophy

Preschoolers should have Limited Media Exposure

Students in Pre-K and kindergarten require education that helps them socially, intellectually, physically, emotionally, morally, and culturally. Recent studies suggest that it is more effective to limit the time young children spend with different forms of media. Young children should be supervised when using technology.  Using technology in curriculum should be focused and related to the learning… Continue reading Preschoolers should have Limited Media Exposure

Cultivating Learning – My Learning Manifesto

  When examining what I am passionate about, I came up with two areas of interest: teaching young children and encouraging others to pursue a higher education. After examining what I do consistently when I teach to cultivate learning, I came up with the following things: Establish the trust of the students.  Young children are easier… Continue reading Cultivating Learning – My Learning Manifesto