How Far I Have Come as a Digital Learner

My first semester of the DLL program was a major shift in my way of learning. After experiencing learning in a traditionally instructor-led courses I was challenged to experience learning using the COVA approach (Harapnuik, 2015) with project-based learning using a personally authentic plan. I am an early childhood educator and based on my passion to teach… Continue reading How Far I Have Come as a Digital Learner

My Journey In Digital Leading and Learning

  My innovation plan started my personal desire to increase my knowledge to support my passion of teaching early learners. In my organization, my goal is to improve the service we provide to the learners who attend. So I envisioned improving the existing curriculum by integrating technology and additional instruction in literacy using the SMART… Continue reading My Journey In Digital Leading and Learning

An Overview of My Innovation Plan

My innovation plan is progressing slowly and is in the first stage. During this stage, the learners are learning the pre-literacy skills necessary before they can begin reading. This stage takes the most time because it requires the learners to be assessed to determine their mastery of the concepts required prior to reading. Qualitative assessments… Continue reading An Overview of My Innovation Plan

Evaluating My Existing Innovation Plan

Interesting Observations I recognized that my focus of creating curriculum for early literacy is shared by other educators and most of the research is consistent. Early literacy is a global issue of concern in countries all over the world. The fact that technology is becoming more ingrained within our everyday lives and more often than… Continue reading Evaluating My Existing Innovation Plan