My Action Research Outline

My Action Research Outline

Introduction:  After reading an article published by NAECY on the use of technology in teaching young children, I became aware of the importance of integrating technology and interactive media in literacy instruction. Curriculum that has STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has become the focus in K-12 education in the 21st century and by exposing student in early childhood to content in these areas we can teach early literacy. As a result I have chosen the following topic to focus my action research on.

Topic of my Action Research and why it is important.

The topic of my Action Research is: “The positive effects of technology integration in early literacy.” This is important because early literacy contribute to the success of students in their formative years of school.

Purpose of my Action Research

My purpose in developing this topic is to show how technology integration when used in early literacy instruction can be effective for any student.

Fundamental research question

Is technology a useful tool in literacy instruction?

Data Collection and why it was chosen

The most appropriate type of data to use is mixed-methods both qualitative and quantitative because in order to assess the benefits of its use pre-assessment and post-assessment of students will need to be done at designated intervals. This will help to establish a conclusion of how and why we should use it.

Specific forms of data and instruments that will be used to collect them.

Collection of data will be in the form of observations, teacher journals, formulated learning goals, classroom artifacts, surveys, parent conferences, and reflective teachering.

My research design

My research design will be in the form of a literature review.

The focus of my literature review

The focus of the literature review is to show that traditional instructional curriculum when integrated with technology can promote literacy and reduce barriers in learning literacy.



NAEYC. (n.d.). (2012). Effective classroom practice: Preschoolers and kindergartners. Retrieved from

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