Digital Citizenship in the Classroom

This week’s discussion on digital citizenship has helped me to balance what I considered I already knew about it and what I learned. As an end-user of technology, I knew that technology should be used responsibly and understanding the proper use of it has benefited my personal education as an online student.  Currently, my use… Continue reading Digital Citizenship in the Classroom

Evaluating My Existing Innovation Plan

Interesting Observations I recognized that my focus of creating curriculum for early literacy is shared by other educators and most of the research is consistent. Early literacy is a global issue of concern in countries all over the world. The fact that technology is becoming more ingrained within our everyday lives and more often than… Continue reading Evaluating My Existing Innovation Plan

Outline for Early Literacy Curriculum

The following is my initial curriculum plan for teaching early literacy to preschoolers. I am in the process of acquiring resources for assessments and educating young learners with skills to become readers. My ultimate goals is to have students reading when they begin kindergarten. My research has given me resources that will help me reach… Continue reading Outline for Early Literacy Curriculum